FREE Coloring Page

Another project I am working on with Dream Scroll Publishing, is a coloring book from a collection of past character doodles I found in some of my old sketchbooks. It's looking to be highly eclectic and random at best. A literal mind-dump that I hope will translate well for coloring. Within the next few weeks, I'll be cleaning up sketches and working on page design, but in the meantime you can get your crayons, markers, pens, whatever and download this free page (by clicking on it) and get your color on! I'll keep posting free pages for download as they are completed, so subscribe to get updated as soon as they are available. 

Weekend Art Drop

Getting inspiration from @Jake Parker and his #artdrop movement, I was inclined to go out this past weekend and place a random print for someone to find. I think artists sharing their art, creativity or ideas with each other or the world without looking for something in return is a great way to engage and hopefully inspire.

It was really fun scouting for a location and getting my butt up from the drawing tablet, going outside to get some fresh air and spending time with my family. Thanks Jake! 

Godhead Guide Update:

I will be continually moving over content from a previous blog related to the Godhead Visual Guide for better streamlining and readability on all things Godhead Universe. While going over the content I will also update and correct past entries and re-blog as each one is finished. This will be an ongoing process as storylines begin to change and others emerge. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Dover Comic-Con Fun

Well, another convention over (marking my second one to date this year) and my family and I had a great time at Dover Comic-Con! This was our first year there and I have to admit that I am a bit upset we have to wait for another full year to enjoy it again. It is an outdoor event and the weather was hot, (although I heard it was hotter last year) but that didn't stop us from meeting and enjoying some wonderful comic fans, cosplayers, fellow artists, and vendors. Convention set up was pretty early, around 6:30-7 am, but we didn't start setting up until about 8 am and still had plenty of time before the 10 am opening. Responses to my artwork were positive and I think it helped being placed between two non-competing vendors. Moving forward, I think I will try to request this type of placement in the future.

My daughter had notepads printed from a character she created called Chunky Unicorn which received positive responses and sold quite well. I did pay extra to have electricity, thinking I would be able to do some digital commissions and take more professional cosplay pics, but I ended up being too busy to set up my camera. My tablet also decided not to work (may have been the heat, but who knows).

Again, I have to give big props to my beautiful wife and daughter who helped out ALL day, from setup, manning the booth so I could catch a bite to eat and check out other artists and exhibitors. I like to show my support and buy a piece or two from other artists or vendors and this time found a nice art print of X-men's Storm at Art by A Tess's booth.

The Dover Library is doing a phenomenal job in my opinion (this is only the fourth year of the convention) already attracting thousands of people each year. Not sure how many people were in attendance this year yet, but there were very nice crowds throughout the day. It seemed to be very well organized and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We will definitely be back next year!

P.A.R.T.S Concept Cover Art

After finishing the rough outline for the P.A.R.T.S comic book I'm currently working on, my main characters are pretty much fleshed out and I wanted to start on character designs to get a better idea of how they will look. The characters consist of Niobe "Z" Washington, the main protagonist, her father Jehshi and Old Man Oomzay. I may experiment with "Z" and the robot after I work through more full-body designs, but I'm happy with the results so far. #partscomic #dr3art #conceptcoverart #graphicnovel #characterdesign


I've been experimenting much more digitally with my purchase of a Wacom Companion 2 tablet  in hopes of gaining more flexibility and efficiency in my time management as an artist. So far it's great (of course there are some cons, which I may talk about in a later post) and the overall experience is definitely improving my workflow. Here is a quick sketch done while working outside in my backyard at home. #sketch #dr3art #comics #bigredscarf

I'm on Social Media

I just launched a Facebook and Instagram page as well as updated my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. It would mean a lot if you are able to help by liking or loving them!  I’ll be sharing lots of cool pics and content including some things you may find useful. Thanks!! #dr3art #illustration #art #comics

Spark: Posuka Demizu

Spark will be a recurring post on people, places and things that I find inspire me in some creative way and hope may be inspiring to you as well. First up is a Japanese artist I found online, Posuka Demizu.

Posuka Demizu is a Japanese manga artist and freelance illustrator working on a variety of projects within the publishing, animation and video game industries. He is currently illustrating The Promised Neverland, a manga about a group of orphans trying to escape an orphanage after discovering everything may not be what it seems. The series is currently printed in the weekly manga magazine, Shonen Jump. Other Demizu credits include work on an animation series titled Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou), Geagian, The Devils Same Oreka Battle, a comic for the popular card battle Orca Battle and a one-shot manga titled Popy’s Wish.

What I like about Demizu’s work is his style of loose, sketch-like lines and use of color which lean toward a more darker tone but contrasts beautifully with his childlike character designs and fairy tale-ish/fantasy subject matter. His use of compositions and environment are very detailed, keeping your eyes moving around each illustration, without losing any focus on the main subject. 

Demizu currently has his first collection of work published and released in Japan entitled The Art of Posuka Demizu with an English edition due for U.S. release in July 2017. Check out some of his artwork below and when you get a chance, more of his work is posted on his website and Twitter. You can also get his art book here.

Galactic-Con 2017

I had a great time at the Galactic-Con comic convention in Middletown, Delaware this year. It was my first convention and a tremendous learning experience. There was a lot of prep work involved, especially the closer it got to the event, including time needed for creating the actual art to sell while working a full-time job!

My family provided support in every possible way imaginable and I really appreciated their help. Love you guys!! The setup took a bit longer than I expected, but I don't think it really affected too much in terms of the initial crowd. I used the wire cube setup seen at a lot of conventions and thinking about looking into building those PVC wall backdrop setups for hanging prints in future cons.

I definitely wanted more variety of work, but I still felt pretty confident with what I had. The day was an off-and-on rainy one, but a pretty nice crowd still came out. I felt I did pretty well considering this was my first con and came in a tiny bit "shy" of breaking even in terms of sales. I hope to build from this experience moving forward knowing what to expect next time.

Looking forward to my next con in August at the Dover Comic-Con in Dover, Delaware. Hope to see you there!