P.A.R.T.s Bio: "Old Man" Umzee

This entry of Umzee pretty much rounds out the initial characters for PARTS as I am finishing up the script for the Prequel #0 issue. If you like sci-fi, fantasy, action, mythology, sorcery and spells, then this story is for you or the comic book fan in your life, young or old! Check out production progress and learn more about the coming Godhead Universe!

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P.A.R.T.s Bio: The Orisa Matakwa

First of many powerful Artifacts that reside within the Godhead Universe, The Orisa Matakwa was first created by J'heshi, but now Z bears its burden and all of the power that goes along with it. #godhead #P.A.R.T.s #comics #graphic novel #comicbooks #scifi #blerd #afrofuturistic #mythology #dr3art #fantasy #mask #ancient artifact


FREE Coloring Page

Another project I am working on with Dream Scroll Publishing, is a coloring book from a collection of past character doodles I found in some of my old sketchbooks. It's looking to be highly eclectic and random at best. A literal mind-dump that I hope will translate well for coloring. Within the next few weeks, I'll be cleaning up sketches and working on page design, but in the meantime you can get your crayons, markers, pens, whatever and download this free page (by clicking on it) and get your color on! I'll keep posting free pages for download as they are completed, so subscribe to get updated as soon as they are available. 

Weekend Art Drop

Getting inspiration from @Jake Parker and his #artdrop movement, I was inclined to go out this past weekend and place a random print for someone to find. I think artists sharing their art, creativity or ideas with each other or the world without looking for something in return is a great way to engage and hopefully inspire.

It was really fun scouting for a location and getting my butt up from the drawing tablet, going outside to get some fresh air and spending time with my family. Thanks Jake! 

Godhead Guidebook Entry: GODHEAD


Little is known of the Godhead’s (also known as "M'begu Ya Mungu", “The Godseed” and “The Creator of All Planes") true origin of existence but what has been partially deciphered from ancient myths and recently discovered text. Once, believed the creative and supreme source of everything that exists, one ancient verse cites the Godhead as “housing the knowledge of all that has been and will be; Nothing is above it or greater.”

Another story version cites, a primordial event called Kuvunja or “The Shattering” occurring, releasing a vast and powerful energy called Ase (Ah-shay) housing the Godhead and giving the newly birthed universe its form while splitting the heavens into two lands, the Turathi (The Intangible) and Imara (The Solid)As the Turathi slowly expands, the Imara, which the universe resides, is slowly contracting back towards the Godhead, in a process known as Convergence, for the sole purpose of it resurrecting into a new form after consuming itself from deciding the fate of all its previous creation and destroying or forging a new universe called Siku ya hukumu (The Day of Judgement). This event has not been the first occurrence in the Godhead's lifetime, which has “died to be reborn many times", causing it to elevate itself and its Ase (See: Ascension) becoming more powerful than previous versions.

Civilizations and worlds have continuously searched to obtain a shimmering glimpse of the Godhead’s power in hopes of being granted the privilege of gaining Universal Ascension Rights (UAR) allowing its possessor to take the “form of the gods” and journey to argue their right for continued existence before the Godhead on Siku ya hukumu.

Godhead Guide Update:

I will be continually moving over content from a previous blog related to the Godhead Visual Guide for better streamlining and readability on all things Godhead Universe. While going over the content I will also update and correct past entries and re-blog as each one is finished. This will be an ongoing process as storylines begin to change and others emerge. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Dover Comic-Con Fun

Well, another convention over (marking my second one to date this year) and my family and I had a great time at Dover Comic-Con! This was our first year there and I have to admit that I am a bit upset we have to wait for another full year to enjoy it again. It is an outdoor event and the weather was hot, (although I heard it was hotter last year) but that didn't stop us from meeting and enjoying some wonderful comic fans, cosplayers, fellow artists, and vendors. Convention set up was pretty early, around 6:30-7 am, but we didn't start setting up until about 8 am and still had plenty of time before the 10 am opening. Responses to my artwork were positive and I think it helped being placed between two non-competing vendors. Moving forward, I think I will try to request this type of placement in the future.

My daughter had notepads printed from a character she created called Chunky Unicorn which received positive responses and sold quite well. I did pay extra to have electricity, thinking I would be able to do some digital commissions and take more professional cosplay pics, but I ended up being too busy to set up my camera. My tablet also decided not to work (may have been the heat, but who knows).

Again, I have to give big props to my beautiful wife and daughter who helped out ALL day, from setup, manning the booth so I could catch a bite to eat and check out other artists and exhibitors. I like to show my support and buy a piece or two from other artists or vendors and this time found a nice art print of X-men's Storm at Art by A Tess's booth.

The Dover Library is doing a phenomenal job in my opinion (this is only the fourth year of the convention) already attracting thousands of people each year. Not sure how many people were in attendance this year yet, but there were very nice crowds throughout the day. It seemed to be very well organized and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We will definitely be back next year!

WIP: Niobe "Z" Colored Character Concept

Here are the flats and finished colored version of a concept art piece for NIobe. I'm really trying to get the feel for the main characters in P.A.R.T.s, so I've been spending extra time with experimenting with their look. I have to admit that I am leaning more towards this version.

WIP: "The B'raza" Concept Design Sketch

Concept sketch of one of the B'raza aka "The Council" who are the "gods among gods" within the Godhead Universe

Who are the B'raza?

The Godhead created The B'raza, known as the first alchemists, to protect itself from the newly birthed and chaotic universal void. The B'raza created the remaining gods, giving them the task of creating order through shaping the galaxies, stars, and planets. Ancient texts describe the work done by The B'raza and the lesser gods as creating "all things known and unknown”.

There are 12 council members who have been confused with being the Godhead, but the B'raza is not to interfere with the preordained order of the universe presumably prescribed by their creator. Their duty and allegiance are to an infinite service to the Godhead and helping guide the other orishas in their duties.


How To Make Your Own Wheatpaste


What is wheatpaste?
Simply put, wheatpaste is a mixture of flour and water used to form a glue that can be brushed onto ordinary paper and attached on just about any smoothly textured surface. In the world of street artwheatpasting is a viable form of art and communication whether making a political statement, announcing an event or just getting your artwork noticed.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your own. You could always buy some, but what fun is that?

One of the good things about wheatpaste is its cheap and the materials needed are everyday items that you may actually have already at home.

Materials you will need:
1. Flour (white or wheat)
2. A cooking pot
3. Some water
4. Something to stir with (i.e. spoon, whisk ,etc.)
5. A container
That’s about it! A little sugar is optional, but it helps add a bit more stickiness to the mixture.

1. First you have to decide how much you want to make. I use a 1:4 ratio, meaning, for every cup of flour you’ll need 4 cups of warm water. You can make from a few cupfuls to gallons if you want, just keep everything in the proper ratio.

2. Mix the flour and water in your pot until you can get a pretty smooth texture (get as many lumps out as possible).

3. Using medium heat, place the pot on the stove . Mix it often while cooking. If it starts to thicken with chunks at the bottom of the pot, use your stirring utensil to break it up while continuing to stir.

4. You want the mixture to thicken to a glue-like consistency. If you want, mix in a little sugar, but take the pot off the stove so the sugar will not burn.

5. Get your container and pour your mixture into it and let it cool. Grab a paint brush or roller and get to work!

*Remember according to the law, like graffiti, this is considered an act of vandalism and defacement of property. Depending on what city you live in you could end up serving jail time or pay extremely high fines, so always get permission.

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Dover Comic-Con


Dover Comic-Con in Delaware is less than a month away and I'm working on finishing up some new art pieces and posters. This will be my first Dover-Con and my second comic convention attended as an artist this year. I'm excited to meet some great comic book fans and hopefully make some new friends while there. I will also be promoting my Godhead graphic novel series starting with the story's first volume P.A.R.T.s.

It will be a great family-friendly event, so bring everyone out to have a good time. Did I also mention that it is FREE?

I will be at Booth 23 directly in front of the Dover Library and will also do live drawings and art commissions. You can check out the Dover Comic-Con Facebook page here

Since the convention is near, why not browse and purchase some fan art posters here or stickers here. #fanart #godheaduniverse #comic convention #dover comic-con #dr3art




P.A.R.T.S Concept Cover Art

After finishing the rough outline for the P.A.R.T.S comic book I'm currently working on, my main characters are pretty much fleshed out and I wanted to start on character designs to get a better idea of how they will look. The characters consist of Niobe "Z" Washington, the main protagonist, her father Jehshi and Old Man Oomzay. I may experiment with "Z" and the robot after I work through more full-body designs, but I'm happy with the results so far. #partscomic #dr3art #conceptcoverart #graphicnovel #characterdesign