Galactic-Con 2017

I had a great time at the Galactic-Con comic convention in Middletown, Delaware this year. It was my first convention and a tremendous learning experience. There was a lot of prep work involved, especially the closer it got to the event, including time needed for creating the actual art to sell while working a full-time job!

My family provided support in every possible way imaginable and I really appreciated their help. Love you guys!! The setup took a bit longer than I expected, but I don't think it really affected too much in terms of the initial crowd. I used the wire cube setup seen at a lot of conventions and thinking about looking into building those PVC wall backdrop setups for hanging prints in future cons.

I definitely wanted more variety of work, but I still felt pretty confident with what I had. The day was an off-and-on rainy one, but a pretty nice crowd still came out. I felt I did pretty well considering this was my first con and came in a tiny bit "shy" of breaking even in terms of sales. I hope to build from this experience moving forward knowing what to expect next time.

Looking forward to my next con in August at the Dover Comic-Con in Dover, Delaware. Hope to see you there!