Spark: Posuka Demizu

Spark will be a recurring post on people, places and things that I find inspire me in some creative way and hope may be inspiring to you as well. First up is a Japanese artist I found online, Posuka Demizu.

Posuka Demizu is a Japanese manga artist and freelance illustrator working on a variety of projects within the publishing, animation and video game industries. He is currently illustrating The Promised Neverland, a manga about a group of orphans trying to escape an orphanage after discovering everything may not be what it seems. The series is currently printed in the weekly manga magazine, Shonen Jump. Other Demizu credits include work on an animation series titled Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou), Geagian, The Devils Same Oreka Battle, a comic for the popular card battle Orca Battle and a one-shot manga titled Popy’s Wish.

What I like about Demizu’s work is his style of loose, sketch-like lines and use of color which lean toward a more darker tone but contrasts beautifully with his childlike character designs and fairy tale-ish/fantasy subject matter. His use of compositions and environment are very detailed, keeping your eyes moving around each illustration, without losing any focus on the main subject. 

Demizu currently has his first collection of work published and released in Japan entitled The Art of Posuka Demizu with an English edition due for U.S. release in July 2017. Check out some of his artwork below and when you get a chance, more of his work is posted on his website and Twitter. You can also get his art book here.