WIP: "The B'raza" Concept Design Sketch

Concept sketch of one of the B'raza aka "The Council" who are the "gods among gods" within the Godhead Universe

Who are the B'raza?

The Godhead created The B'raza, known as the first alchemists, to protect itself from the newly birthed and chaotic universal void. The B'raza created the remaining gods, giving them the task of creating order through shaping the galaxies, stars, and planets. Ancient texts describe the work done by The B'raza and the lesser gods as creating "all things known and unknown”.

There are 12 council members who have been confused with being the Godhead, but the B'raza is not to interfere with the preordained order of the universe presumably prescribed by their creator. Their duty and allegiance are to an infinite service to the Godhead and helping guide the other orishas in their duties.