Dover Comic-Con Fun

Well, another convention over (marking my second one to date this year) and my family and I had a great time at Dover Comic-Con! This was our first year there and I have to admit that I am a bit upset we have to wait for another full year to enjoy it again. It is an outdoor event and the weather was hot, (although I heard it was hotter last year) but that didn't stop us from meeting and enjoying some wonderful comic fans, cosplayers, fellow artists, and vendors. Convention set up was pretty early, around 6:30-7 am, but we didn't start setting up until about 8 am and still had plenty of time before the 10 am opening. Responses to my artwork were positive and I think it helped being placed between two non-competing vendors. Moving forward, I think I will try to request this type of placement in the future.

My daughter had notepads printed from a character she created called Chunky Unicorn which received positive responses and sold quite well. I did pay extra to have electricity, thinking I would be able to do some digital commissions and take more professional cosplay pics, but I ended up being too busy to set up my camera. My tablet also decided not to work (may have been the heat, but who knows).

Again, I have to give big props to my beautiful wife and daughter who helped out ALL day, from setup, manning the booth so I could catch a bite to eat and check out other artists and exhibitors. I like to show my support and buy a piece or two from other artists or vendors and this time found a nice art print of X-men's Storm at Art by A Tess's booth.

The Dover Library is doing a phenomenal job in my opinion (this is only the fourth year of the convention) already attracting thousands of people each year. Not sure how many people were in attendance this year yet, but there were very nice crowds throughout the day. It seemed to be very well organized and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We will definitely be back next year!