Godhead is an upcoming 4-part supernatural and sci-fi graphic novel series.

A mysterious viral outbreak resurrects an ancient supernatural conflict among a rogue collective of demonic spirits and the last members of a forgotten civilization who reluctantly must work together to stop an attempt on the destruction of a fabled cosmic object believed to be God.



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After discovering an ancient mask and awakening a damaged robotic head, a young girl is transported to another world with the only hope of returning home resting on a search to find and reassemble the robot’s remaining scattered body parts and restoring its memory.   


Book II: Black Rose

A private investigator gains psychic abilities after becoming possessed by the spirit of a murdered Voudou priestess to help track down her killer, presently leading an underground cult attempting to resurrect the dead.

Book III: Godseed

The spirit of an ancient warrior from a forgotten civilization resurrects within the body of a murdered teen after he is infected with a mysterious virus to stop a group of evil spirits who have escaped from a demonic world.

Book IV: Ascension

During a viral outbreak causing physical human mutations, a man gains the power of two ancient gods who nearly destroyed the planet millenniums ago, and is the only cure in thwarting the infection and a demonic invasion of the planet.