“Creation and Destruction feeds from the same breast.” – excerpt from unknown ancient text

Background and History

Little is known of the Godhead’s (also known as "M'begu Ya Mungu", “The Godseed” and “The Creator of All Planes") true origin of existence but what has been partially deciphered from ancient myths and recently discovered text. Once, believed the creative and supreme source of everything that exists, one ancient verse cites the Godhead as “housing the knowledge of all that has been and will be; Nothing is above it or greater.”

Another story version cites, a primordial event called Kuvunja or “The Shattering” occurring, releasing a vast and powerful energy called Ase (Ah-shay) housing the Godhead and giving the newly birthed universe its form while splitting the heavens into two lands, the Turathi (The Intangible) and Imara (The Solid). As the Turathi slowly expands, the Imara, which the universe resides, is slowly contracting back towards the Godhead, in a process known as Convergence, for the sole purpose of it resurrecting into a new form after consuming itself from deciding the fate of all its previous creation and destroying or forging a new universe called Siku ya hukumu (The Day of Judgement). This event has not been the first occurrence in the Godhead's lifetime, which has “died to be reborn many times", causing it to elevate itself and its Ase (See: Ascension) becoming more powerful than previous versions.

Civilizations and worlds have continuously searched to obtain a shimmering glimpse of the Godhead’s power in hopes of being granted the privilege of gaining Universal Ascension Rights (UAR) allowing its possessor to take the “form of the gods” and journey to argue their right for continued existence before the Godhead on Siku ya hukumu.