“Our minds, bodies and souls are constantly conversing with energy” – U.S. biotech researcher

Mabalozis (literal translation:Ambassadors) or Chosen Ones, have great skill in accessing, manifesting and developing ase energies and gaining higher ascension towards the granting of Universal Ascension Rights (UAR) from the Godhead. The higher the power the more a Mabalozi is capable of manipulating his/her asili in both Earth and Spirtplanes, allowing for various supernatural feats.

A Mabalozi is allowed to “see” and possibly travel within worlds of the Spiritplane  through a third eye that emerges upon reaching a certain asili level of attainment. This eye allows them to get access to and find their Ori (godspirit), which grants UAR on behalf of the Godhead. Upon granting they receive a “mark” designating the bearers Birthpoint Of Origin and GodTribe Alliance which they will keep as long as they posses UAR.

Aiding in the balancing of the erratic behavior of the continuing Ultimate Convergence, a Mabalozi has free will in the use of their power and actions are not judged until collectively at Hukumu Ya Mwisho (The Final Judgement).

If a Mabalozi dies his/her asili will merge back into the planes for re-assimilation into an opposing or unopposing force, shifting the balance of power (negative or positive) in either direction as well as forfeiting UAR to another.

It is believed that the Mabalozi who are able to make the journey and stand before the Godhead during the Ultimate Convergence will have the ability to determine the fate of existence, becoming almost as powerful as the Godhead itself.

Along with jealousy of those who do not become Mabalozi or have lost their UAR, there has accumulated age-old discords and personal agendas over who decides and what decisions should be made during this time as there are also those who want to exploit the power of the Godhead, destroy it or become the Godhead itself.