“No God blesses a man without the consent of his Ori.” – excerpt from Sixteen Great Poems of lfa

Ori are powerful types of orisha that act as personal guardians and guides for all living things, regarded as an intermediary and communicator between The Council and the Godhead. Ori (literal translation of “head”) are believed to guide its owner towards their path of destiny, in hopes of facilitating convergence and elevating ase. (Note: This does not mean the
fate/destiny of an individual may necessarily be received as something “good”).

Ori’s are one of the “keys” in gaining Ascension Rights being the source in linking the connection between an individual and their asili to everything else in the known and unknown Planes/Universes, including the Godhead.

An entity can access oris through thoughts and are akin to ones self-conscious awareness and when released, gain a “third eye” which enables heightened perception into the SpirtPlane. Some entities have been known to SpiritWalk into the world of spirits and bring it into the Imara itself.

Assigned and revealed at birth through ritual, a specific orisha is acknowledged and linked to an individual ori, giving it it’s owner’s “path” and character/asili properties. Although powerful an ori is only as powerful as the entity in which it resides and an individual, possessing free will, can override the power of an ori.

Oris can become “lost” and trapped within the Imara and become powerful artifacts known as Convergence Orbs or God’s Eyes, which record universal events and experiences for Final Convergence.