The Whispering is believed to be the first sentient being to successfully reach Final Ascension and stand before the Godhead itself. Seeking the Godhead’sdestruction before the next Universal Awakening, the being failed and was condemned to an eternal state of death by losing its Ascension Rights, Asili and Imara (Solidform), therefore, losing its ability to evolve. After many quiet millenias, The Whispering reawakened and learned how to use and manipulate other’s asili to once again realign itself with the goal of ascension and destroying the Godhead.

It is not known whether the Whispering is an individual or collective of beings, but may possibly possess a hive-type mentality (as noted cases of contact) heard by others, who have heard it speak in terms of a collective “We”.

Since its emergence, there have been many entities, who have become part of the Whispering’s plans, but for now, who or what it truly is remains a mystery.